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Our structural glass can be used within balustrades either on its own for a frameless glass support or within a supporting aluminium framework to allow light to transfer between level changes.

Glass Balustrading

Processed on site at our County Durham factory using our state-of-the-art toughening plant, we manufacture toughened glass from 4mm-19mm, and heat strengthened glass from 4mm-10mm, cut to size, with a range of finishing options. Using the latest glass cutting technology, the glass can be machined, shaped and drilled, from simple to highly complexity with top quality edge finishes, It can then be incorporated into laminated glass. The resulting construction will not only be structurally stronger than a single piece of toughened glass but will also not allow glass pieces to fall onto below spaces if the balustrade glass is broken in any situation.

Toughened laminated glass can be curved to create different shapes for applications such as staircases and landings. Screenprinted glass or decorative techniques can also be introduced to these elements for a unique design effect.

For a strong and safe frameless glass balustrade we would use toughened laminated safety glass. This will create a balustrade that will hold together in the event of a glass panel breakage. Using a Sentry Interlayer on external frameless balustrades also increases the life longevity of the glass installation. Sentry Interlayers are much stronger and do not react to water creating a greater life longevity to any external applications.

Key Features

  • Toughened
  • Laminated

Application Areas

  • Staircases
  • Landings