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Glass Wall Linings

Glass units can be used to create external walls made entirely of glass or for internal glass partitions. Externally, insulated glass units can be used within an aluminium framed curtain walling system or as a frameless structural glass construction.

Wall Linings

With all large external glass elevations thermal performance of the glass is an important factor for the overall comfort levels of the internal space. Ensuring all glass within a glass wall is double or triple glazed will make the internal space warmer and reduce heating costs.

Internal partitions can be made entirely out of glass and allow natural light to travel through walls to light internal spaces or walkways. In most cases this internal glass wall doesn’t need any frame so a completely frameless installation is possible. Any integrated doors also do not require a frame.

For privacy, in commercial or office buildings,we would use screen printed glass, or glass with a translucent coloured interlayer. For a more dynamic approach to privacy use switchable privacy glass to change the glass from transparent to translucent when needed.

A certain type of manifestation on large frameless glass installations can be utilised for safety. This can be done through many different types of decorative or ceramic glass processes depending on the pattern type or required design. Screen printing, painting, sandblasting or digital printing can all apply a pattern or image to the glass to act as a manifestation.