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Shop Fronts

Entice customers and clearly display your products with our laminated, large double glazed units for high street retail shops.

Our laminated glass and large double glazed units have been used in high value retail fronts or to the front elevation of a shop in order to entice customers and clearly display products. Security glass can be used in these installations, especially if oversized glass elevations are being designed with thicker glass specifications.

Similarly, doors and counters can also be manufactured from safety glass, enticing customers into the building while maintaining safety and security. Glass doors in commercial fronts can be frameless or framed depending on the glass specification required. We are experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of all these products.

We can incorporate words or logos into the glass, maintaining most of the transparency through the shop front whilst still advertising the company. This can be done using Screen Printing, Sandblasting or Printed Interlayers. Digital Printed Interlayers can be used in shop fronts where transparency is not necessarily required to create a vibrant and bright advert of the business within the glass panel. Inside the shop display can be created using UV bonded glass shelving structures to create a glass display area that doesn’t impeded natural light passing into the internal areas of the shop.

Application Areas

  • Retail