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Our Ethos

We are programmed towards growing and developing our own people

We aim to provide people with opportunity – young or old. As a company, we are programmed towards growing and developing our own people. We like to offer career opportunities instilling confidence in people and giving them the chance to develop themselves professionally.

We never walk away from a project if the client is unsatisfied; often, our expectations are higher than the clients and we are always willing to correct errors to ensure the job has zero defects, even if that incurs a capital cost.

From the design office to the factory floor each employee is fully aware that our aim is to finish the contract to a very high standard so that the finished job looks ‘as it should’ to the professional eye.

As we are a relatively young company, without doubt, our long-term aim is to build a successful brand that stays grounded. We know where we come from, the surrounding North East is part of our heritage. An arrogance will never creep into our ways. We will always look at a project with a critical eye and improve from there.